Filip Roter - Dossier

Trade Name: Filip Roter

Electronic music - expresstronic music producer, copywriter and author of - minimal poetry. He has been member of legendary label Mille Plateaux and Polish net-label 49 Mannequins since 2009. Born in Katowice on 08th FEB 1985– the only child, sensitive, having border tendencies. Student of Psychology, and external student of the Culture Studies.

Regular visitor at Kozubnik (Holiday and Training Resort in the South of Poland) – explorer of abandoned places, yearning for their splendour. Enthusiast of modern architecture, committed
leader and collector of items from the times of the Polish People’s Republic. Admirer of the essence of the 80s, minimalism in every form. Likes good, touching kinds of disco, Polish cuisine served at parties and STYLE. Admirer of films by - Polański, Michael Haneke, Quentin Tarantino and Coen brothers painting - Duchamp, Bosh, Klimt, Malewicz, Munch, Warhol music - Przemysław Gintrowski, Jacek Kaczmarski will do.

He’d a lot not to work an only, the most conscientious and unemotional hour on duty.

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