Filip Roter - Dossier

Trade Name: Filip Roter

Producer of electronic music - EXPRESSTRONIC MUSIC, writer, creator of copywriting and poetic texts - MINIMAL POETRY. Born in Katowice on 02/08/08 - only child, sensitive with border tendencies.

Psychologist and extramural specialist in cultural studies, regular at HPR Kozubnik, with a love of nostalgia and exploration, an account of abandoned and abandoned glory.

Enthusiast of modernist and brutalist architecture. Dedicated leader and collector of the aesthetics of the Polish People's Republic.
A lover of the essence of the 80s and minimalism in all its forms, appreciating endorphin, bitter sounds, banquets, people he liked, STYLE. all these ... ADMIRATOR.

FILM - Roman Polański, Stanley Kubrick, Quentin Tarantino, Wojciech Smarzowski, Marek Koterski, David Lynch, Ari Aster, This Strong, Winded, Uncoiled.
PAINTING AND SCULPTURE - Marcel Duchamp, Hieronim Bosh, Gustav Klimt, Jackson Pollock, Edward Hooper, Andy Worhol, Zdzisław Beksiński, Władysław Hasior, That Created, Tempting, Someone.
MUSIC AND LITERATURE- Jacek Kaczmarski, Zbigniew Herbert, enough.
TOTAL ARTISTS - WITKACY, chapeau bass, He would do a lot not to overwork this one the most conscientious and dispassionate hourly service. More detail in clash with reality, fiction and real unit.

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