Poetry review

Miniatures husked out of the ocean of speech, grains of ideas that have to germinate in Everybody. A man is born from those passages of everyday life’s contemplation.

A thinking man in the world’s labyrinth. Filip Roter smashes the mirror of the universe in order to overcome it’s complexity. It turns out that notations, or rather –notes of microworlds are not an easy jigsaw puzzle. That is a peculiar souls’ diary travelling across time and space of existence. From the general when a lot of is unsaid emerges uttered experience of living.

Everything. Important. Trivial. Small. Big. Huge. Human. And everything comes from a word and a picture. Minimum of speech and an emblematic
complement. An idea game, which ends up with reading the sense of existence. You will find here yourself.

dr Justyna Trzcińska-Rosik
* Justyna Trzcińska-Rosik - dr nauk humanistycznych, teoretyk literatury.

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Poetry review
Czym jest minimal poetry?
What is minimal poetry?
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