Czym jest minimal poetry?

Minimalism in poetry draws on the same sources, as corresponding to it trends in other disciplines, mainly in art.
Similarly as in other disciplines, it aims at maximal limitation of means of expression, keeping order and lucidity of form. Minimalism very often resigns from intellectually complicated poetry, concentrating mainly on showing off harmony, or on the idea itself. These works are in a way sterile.
The precision of words’ choice is one of its chief qualities, and reception altogether with construction of poetic work occursvery often on level of a sign, meaning, picture. Such creative process allows to reach the language layers, what makes the content anonymous, neutral, objective.
Connotation with the language of fashion and advertising. Sensual and dainty character. They are like dealing with the most sophisticated, exquisite gadget, which makes us crave to forget, that in fact it is contact with literature

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Czym jest minimal poetry?
What is minimal poetry?
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